We need property!

May 5, 2016
Can you find us a property? Are you a property search hound?

We need properties. In the short term we will be leasing places. The property can be in any condition, anywhere in London.

Ideal properties are boarded up properties with security companies looking after them.

Maybe you know some property investors who are sitting on some property waiting to sell if for a profit?

Maybe it is a property waiting for planning permission to be approved.

We are looking for empty buildings with multiple floors. They could be office blocks, or old community buildings no longer used.

If you see an empty property on the street, you can photograph it and email the photo and a rough address to property@yellowbrickroad.org.uk

In the subject line of the email put a name for the building, e.g. Enterprise House, Hammersmith.

In the body of the email put

  • A rough address or directions on how to find the building

  • Your name

  • Your mobile phone number or a way to contact you

This will automatically create a case in our case management system and will be pursued by other team members.

You will be kept informed, from the system, via email, of any progress with the property which you have spotted.

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